The SCIAMACHY Book (Space Agencies Edition)

In summer 2006 the book SCIAMACHY - Monitoring the Changing Earth's Atmosphere, describing the first very successful years of the SCIAMACHY mission, had been published. The book was a common effort of many authors with DLR, ESA and NIVR providing funding for production and printing. More details on authorship, printing and publishing can be found in the imprint which is part of the chapter Editorial, Table of Content, Forword.

The online version of the space agencies edition is available as pdf files. By clicking on an individual chapter in the table of content listed below the reader get access to just that chapter. Additionally the book cover is provided as a single sheet to illustrate SCIAMACHY's global view of the Earth's atmosphere.

The SCIAMACHY book contains a wealth of figures useful for various purposes. Therefore each chapter provides dedicated access to these figures. They are given as jpeg files with a resolution of 300 dpi (only very few figures are available with a lower resolution) and maximum quality. The figure numbering is identical to the book. When referencing figures please either refer to the book reference given below or the quoted references in the individual captions.

When referencing the book please refer to

M. Gottwald, H. Bovensmann, G. Lichtenberg, S. Noel, A. von Bargen, S. Slijkhuis, A. Piters, R. Hoogeveen, C. von Savigny, M. Buchwitz,
A. Kokhanovsky, A. Richter, A. Rozanov, T. Holzer-Popp, K. Bramstedt, J.-C. Lambert, J. Skupin, F. Wittrock, H. Schrijver, J.P. Burrows:
SCIAMACHY, Monitoring the Changing Earth's Atmosphere; Published by DLR, 2006

Please send questions or comments to

M. Gottwald, DLR-IMF
H. Bovensmann, IUP-IFE, University of Bremen

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