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SCIAMACHY Level 2 Product Overview

SCIAMACHY has three Earth obsvervation modes: Nadir, Limb and Occultation. At the moment, only Limb and Nadir observation geometries are used for the operational processing. In the processor different types of algorithms developed at different institutions are implemented. In the UV/VIS spectral range, Nadir trace gas retrievals are done with the DOAS (=Differential Optical Absorption Spectroscopy) method, i.e. with the same algorithms as for GOME, adjusted for SCIAMACHY. In the shortwave infrared the direct retrieval method BIRRA (=Beer InfaRed Retrieval Algorithm, developed here at IMF-AP, is used. In Limb, the retrieval model DRACULA (=aDvanced Retrieval of the Atmosphere with Constrained and Unconstrained Least squares Algorithms) calculates height resolved trace gas profiles. Additionally to the trace gas concentrations, cloud and aerosol parameters are retrieved. Details of the algorithms can be found in the ATBD (pdf, 3.8 MB).

The table below shows an overview of products available with the current version of the Processor (offline and fast delivery):

Parameter Spectral Window Algorithm Institution Remark
SO2 VCD 315.0 - 327.0 nm GDP4/SDOAS BIRA/IUP Bremen GDP4/SDOAS Retrieval with IUP Retrieval Settings
O3 VCD 325.0 - 335.0 nm GDP4/SDOAS BIRA GDP4 DOAS with SCIAMACHY Adjustments (=SDOAS)
BrO VCD 336.0 - 351.0 nm GDP4/SDOAS BIRA see O3
OClO SCD 365.0 - 389.0 nm GDP4/SDOAS BIRA/IUP Bremen see SO2
NO2 VCD 426.5 - 451.5 nm GDP4/SDOAS BIRA see O3
H2O VCD 688.0 - 700.0 nm AMC DOAS IUP Bremen
CO VCD 2324.4 - 2335.0 nm BIRRA IMF-AP
AAI 340/380 nm AAIA KNMI Ratio of two spectral ranges compared to KNMI DAK model
Cloud Fraction 300.0 - 800.0 nm OCRA IMF-AP Uses PMDs
Cloud Top Height 758.0 - 772.0 nm SACURA IUP Bremen Uses O2A Band
Cloud Opt. Thickness 758.0 - 772.0 nm SACURA IUP Bremen Uses O2A Band
O3 Profile 520.0 - 590.0 nm DRACULA IMF-AP/IUP Bremen Operational version of Dracula, Retrieval Settings from IUP
NO2 Profile 420.0 - 470.0 nm DRACULA IMF-AP/IUP Bremen see Limb O3
BrO Profile 337.0 - 357.0 nm DRACULA IMF-AP/IUP Bremen see Limb O3
Limb Clouds several SCODA IUP Bremen Uses ratio of several wavelength ranges