SCIAMACHY Level 1b-2 Technical Documents
The documents on this page are the basis for the implementation of the Level 1b-2 processor. The ATBD describes the used algorithms on a high level. It also contains some information about the data format. It is the best document to get an overview over the processor and the theoretical basis of the retrievals. An overview of the products is given in this table. The IODD describes the data format of the Level 2 product and all used input data in detail. It can be used to write own software to read the data. The Veriffication Reports report on the results of the comparison between the reference implementation (the software developed by the different institutes) and the operational implementation. It does not substitute a validation, since in the verification only the technical correctness of the implementation is checked on a relatively small data set. The accuracy of the retrieved physical quantities are checked in an independent validation. More information on validation can be found on the SCIMACHY validation webpage.

The delta verification report contains the verification of the products that were changed after the validation of the latest processor version 5.01. This and the original verification report for Version 5.01 (for unchanged products) are valid for the currently operational Version 5.02 with the processing flag 'W'.

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