SCIAMACHY - Exploring the Changing Earth's Atmosphere

In 2006 the book SCIAMACHY - Monitoring the Changing Earth's Atmosphere had appeared as a common effort of the participating science community. It was issued by the space agencies DLR, NIVR and ESA. This edition had quite successfully described the entire SCIAMACHY mission for an interested readership.

Meanwhile the mission had progressed well and continues delivering excellent scientific results. It was therefore considered well justified to prepare a new version of the book. Contrary to the 2006 issue, the new version was not printed as a space agency undertaking but was published by Springer (ISBN 978-90-481-9895-5) as a first edition in the series of Earth Sciences books in January 2011 under the title SCIAMACHY - Exploring the Changing Earth's Atmosphere . While the overall structure of the book remained unchanged, several chapters have been expanded considerably. They concern mainly those parts where scientific progress has enhanced SCIAMACHY's capabilities and results.

In support of science lectures the editors are entitled to provide on their webpages an editor-created version of the original publication. This manuscript version can be found here.

Book reference: SCIAMACHY - Exploring the Changing Earth's Atmosphere, Manfred Gottwald, Heinrich Bovensmann (Eds.), ISBN 978-90-481-9895-5, DOI 10.1007/978-90-481-9896-2, Springer Dordrecht Heidelberg London New York

We hope that the Springer edition receives wide spreading and the readership continues being impressed by SCIAMACHY's efforts to understand our homeplanet's atmosphere.

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