SOST State Search Engine

This web tool permits to search for states (defined by state ID and state description) as a function of orbit number. The state information is retrieved from the State_Summary files. Each retrieval generates an ascii output file with entries similar to the state summary file entries, i.e. state IDs, start stop times in elapsed time (sec) and UTC. State IDs can be selected from the complete list of 70 states or from subsets (scientific states or calibration & monitoring states).

The tool is applicable for quasi-routine and routine operation phases only. Earliest start orbit is 2204 (August 2nd, 2002). Retrievals earlier than orbit 2203 interfere with the SODAP phase and generate an error. From orbit 2204 until 4150 the so-called beta states are addressed, from orbit 4151 onwards final flight states. Note that start and stop orbit shall belong to the same operation phase. Special states (e.g. defined for OCRs) are not part of the 'routine' state configurations but are usually specified using state IDs and descriptions of final flight states. Thus they may appear in the retrieved list although the executed state differed from the standard configuration.

Since the tool searches the State_Summary files, all state information refers to the reference orbit. Therefore state start/stop times differ from actual execution times by several seconds. The - almost - exact time differences between planning and execution can be found on the Time_Reference page. A flag in the output file indicates periods of instrument or platform unavailability retrieved from the Data_Unavailability list. State entries in the output file close to the start or stop of an unavailability period have to be taken with care. They either could still exist in data products or be missing depending on the type of anomaly or recovery procedure.

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