Detailed Operations Plan

A subset of all mission planning driven ENVISAT activities is listed in the DMOP (also UDMOP or RDMOP). As SCIAMACHY related entries form only a small part of the ENVISAT DMOP, SOST extracts from the ENVISAT DMOP the SCIAMACHY DMOP (SDMOP). The SDMOP provides a sequential list of time-tags referring to

The filename of the SDMOP identifies the start/stop orbit numbers for the time interval covered by the plan. The filename of the processed DMOP (UDMOP/RDMOP is given in the SDMOP header.

The SOST tool SCIAMACHY Timeline Scheduler is able to deliver a simulated DMOP containing only the first 3 entries listed above. Thererfore a simulated SDMOP (SIM_SDMOP) with the same format as the SDMOP can be found on the SOST web pages as soon as an OSDF has been generated by SOST and delivered to RGT. The accuracy of the SIM_SDMOP is about 1-2 sec as compared to the SDMOP.

Having the SIM_SDMOP available, it is possible to derive the planned sequence of states in an orbit by translating the list of planned timelines within that orbit. The associated DMOP tool thus generates State_Summary files on an orbit basis. As long as the actual operations represent the planned ones, the list of states in the State-Summary files can be used to identify individual states in an orbit (note that the time difference between reference time and actual time of state execution also applies - see also SCIAMACHY Mission Planning Concept).

The State_Summary files provide for each state

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