Validation of Carbon Monoxide Total Columns from SCIAMACHY with NDACC/TCCON Ground-Based Measurements

General Notes

This webpage provides supplementary materials for the validation paper submitted to the publisher of open access journals MDPI - Remote Sensing. In Sec. 2 of the validation study it was pointed out that dry air mole fractions are used for the comparison since the quantities are independent of surface pressure and humidity and are therefore much more useful for satellite validation.

Carbon Monoxide Dry Air Mole Fractions (Mixing Ratios)

In the list below, ascii files containing the harmonized volume mixing ratios (XCO) for the satellite-based and ground-based observations are provided. Beside XCO some other important quantities included in the files are described subsequently:
The files contain the SCIAMACHY data prepared for the comparison to NDACC and TCCON. They are splitted into various regions on earth (i.e. Europe, North-America, Greenland, etc. - i.e. where the reference sites are located). The six columns contain the following quantities: In addition, the files with global coverage are provided. Fig. 16 and 17 in the paper are based on those datasets. Also the errors for the CO columns (errVCD) are provided.
The NDACC files contain eight columns consisting of:
The TCCON data show ten columns consisting of: Note that the columns named xco_dry_ppb,xco_dry_ppb_ratio can be neglected as in TCCON the xco_ppb is already a column averaged dry-air column! The lon_deg and lat_deg are constant, i.e. the location of the station. However, future ground-based measurements could include variable locations due to the slant viewing geometry.

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