The timelines present here are the timeline master definitions. In the operational planning process a subset of the associated information is transferred to ASCII files according to the interface control documents. Each timeline consists of a header and a particular state sequence. The header provides information to the ENVISAT MPS/SCIACAL s/w modules to trigger correct scheduling of the timeline. The state sequence is the implementation of the scientific requirements to be achieved with the timeline.

All timelines are thematically grouped in Timeline Sets. For routine operations the alternating limb/nadir measurements with wide swath can be found in the Timeline Set 25, Timeline Set 31, Timeline Set 32, Timeline Set 33, Timeline Set 34, Timeline Set 35 and Timeline Set 36. These are the sets which provide the final flight configuration (FFT_021215 with OCR driven modifications) for alternating limb/nadir measurements with wide swath setting. Details are given in the table below. Routine operations with other swath settings and/or limb/nadir sequences will be implemented via different sets.

Timeline Set Validity Purpose
36 since 27/10/10
addition 09/01/12
alternating limb/nadir, wide swath
(for ENVISAT mission extension orbit)
35 since 03/11/08 alternating limb/nadir, wide swath
overwritten by OCR_048 (configuring SCIAMACHY for modified orbit in mission extension)
34 01/10/06 - 03/11/08 alternating limb/nadir, wide swath
overwritten by OCR_036 (measurements in the mesosphere and lower thermosphere)
33 06/09/04 - 01/10/06 alternating limb/nadir, wide swath
overwritten by OCR_026 (increased number of
subsolar pointing measurements)
32 22/05/04 - 06/09/04 alternating limb/nadir, wide swath
overwritten by OCR_017 (increased signal for
northern & southern latitudes)
31 15/10/03 - 22/05/04 alternating limb/nadir, wide swath
overwritten by OCR_012 (improvement of limb/nadir matching in early orbit phase)
25 15/12/02 - 15/10/03 alternating limb/nadir, wide swath
overwritten by OCR_011 (improvement of limb/nadir matching)

For the validation measurements SCIAMACHY used the Timeline Set 20 (configuration 10, part of the Commissioning Phase), which at the time of start of the validation phase reflects the consolidated beta states. Additional validation requests are fulfilled via Timeline Set 08. In case specific operations are required to implement an OCR, the associated timelines are assigned to Timeline Set 09 and Timeline Set 06.

In SODAP, SCIAMACHY operations were driven by configurations. Each configuration defined a particular instrument status, including settings of on-board parameter tables. The configurations had been translated into timeline sets. The pre-defined Timeline Set 01 was used to fill SODAP orbits with quasi-routine measurements (alternating limb/nadir, wide swath). The associated timelines reflected the nominal state definitions at launch.

Timeline Set Configuration Purpose
01 Pre-defined
10 00 Full Functional Test
11 01 Special Test
12 02 Measurement Window
13 03 Measurement Window
14 04 Measurement Window
15 05 Measurement Window
16 06 Measurement Window
17 07 Measurement Window
18 08 Beta States
19 09 Beta States
21 11 Monitoring SRC closed
22 12 Monitoring SRC open
23 13 Measurement Window (D SODAP)
24 14 Measurement Window (D SODAP)

In all SODAP timeline sets the total number of timelines with specific states is < 63. Unused timeline IDs have been filled with Dummy timelines, i.e. timelines which are compatible with the operational interfaces but which do not execute a state sequence. This minimises planning efforts in handling SODAP timelines. Note that the SODAP specific timeline set web pages do not list these dummy timelines

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