SCIAMACHY is an atmospheric instrument provided to ESA's ENVISAT mission by DLR (Germany) and NIVR (The Netherlands, with support from Belgium). In this context, DLR and NIVR act as Announcement of Opportunity providers (AOP) for SCIAMACHY. ESA and DLR have agreed their share of responsibilities in the SCIAMACHY mission as part of the overall ENVISAT mission. Thus DLR has to provide operations support and algorithm development/data processing functions.

The operations support functions have been implemented by DLR via the SCIAMACHY Operations Support Team (SOST). SOST consists of two sub-teams: one at the Atmospheric Processors department IMF-AP of DLR-IMF and one at IUP-IFE (University of Bremen). Both teams cooperate closely and have defined their particular operations support areas.

SOST-DLR/IMF is responsible for

SOST-IFE takes care of

SOST is supported by the SCIAMACHY calibration subgroup and by SCIAVALIG.

The Web pages of SOST present both an overview of operations concept topics (static information) and actual planning issues (dynamic information). They serve the SCIAMACHY user community and ENVISAT/SCIAMACHY personnel as a tool to follow the operational status of the instrument.

The SCIAMACHY Operations Support Team members are:

Manfred Gottwald:
Eckhart Krieg:

Stefan Noel:
Klaus Bramstedt:

operations planning, interface to agencies
command & control, technical instrument monitoring

science operations planning, interface to validation
calibration support, scientific instrument monitoring

Web-Master: M. Gottwald, DLR-IMF