SCIAMACHY Consolidated Data Availability: 2002

Each line in the monthly panels lists one day of operations with either 14 or 15 orbits per day. The orbit number is indicated in each cell. Dates are given in the first column. Since consolidated products are delivered with a time delay of up to 2 months, the most current months in cL0 data availability charts require updates whenever new cL0 products are received.

Monthly Availability
March unavailable April unavailable
May unavailable June July August
September October November December
Statistics Summary: 2002

Note: The year 2002 is a particular case since it is comprised of many orbits with specific SODAP/Commissioning Phase measurements. Quasi routine operations started in orbit 2204 (August 2nd). In December 2002 remaining SODAP activities were required to prepare for the implementation of the first final flight on-board status. Therefore a large number of orbits did not include any nadir or limb state but only the single state 65. The consolidation process did not produce data products for such orbits resulting in apparently large gaps with missing cL0 products. For scientific purposes these gaps are irrelevant. The gaps exist in orbits 3923, 3924, 3963, 3979, 3990-4018, 4029-4055 and 4182-4203.

The colour code of the monthly consolidated level 0 (cL0) graphs is shown below. Some of the product errors will not cause loss of the complete orbit. Products with incomplete content may be caused by an incomplete consolidation.

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