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The German Aerospace Center DLR, as member of the EUMETSAT's Satellite Application Facility on Ozone and Atmospheric Chemistry Monitoring (O3M-SAF), continuously derives a number of trace gases and cloud properties from the GOME-2/MetOp mission. The end user receives the GOME-2 Level 2 near-real-time total column products in less than two hours after sensing with a committed high reliable service of 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. DLR provides also off-line and reprocessed GOME-2 Level 2 consolidated products on an orbital basis. The basic architecture of the O3M-SAF Ground Segment at DLR is showed in the following figure:

The GOME-2 level 2 products are generated in three distinct operational chains:
near-real-time chain handling small data units of 3 minutes sensing time
off-line chain handling full orbit products which are under systematic quality control
reprocessing chain used for complete consistent reprocessing of the mission data
The O3M-SAF Facility at DLR is operated in the German national multi-mission earth observation ground segment, driven by the Data Information and Management System DIMS.
The Level 1-to-2 processing of GOME-2 data is done by the Universal Processor for UV/VIS Atmospheric Spectrometers UPAS.

Ordering GOME-2/MetOp products

The near-real-time product dissemination is performed via the satellite-based broadcast system EUMETCast, the Internet and the WMO Global Telecommunication System (GTS).

WMO/GTS bulletin identifier for O3M-SAF Products

Region  RTH        Country  TTAAii  CCCC  CodeForm

Off-line and reprocessed products can be order via the EUMETSAT Data Centre (Select "SAF" in Search Type and "O3MOTO" in Generic Attributes) and EO-WEB. Additionally all products are available at DLR's ATMOS FTP-server.

For ordering/registration please contact:

O3M-SAF Help Desk

For further information please contact:

DIMS development: Stephan Kiemle, DLR-DFD
E-Mail: Stephan.Kiemle [at] dlr.de
UPAS development: Walter Zimmer, DLR-IMF
E-Mail: Walter.Zimmer [at] dlr.de
Operations: Juergen Jaeger, DLR-DFD
E-Mail: Juergen.Jaeger [at] dlr.de

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