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Ordering GOME/ERS-2 products

    DLR generates the operational GOME/ERS-2 level 1 and level 2 near-real-time, off-line and reprocessed products on behalf ESA.

    All products are available at the D-PAF FTP-server.

    For ordering/registration please contact:

    ESA ESRIN - EO Help Desk

Ordering GOME-2/MetOp products

    DLR generates operational GOME-2/MetOp level 2 near-real-time, off-line and reprocessed total column and cloud products in the framework of EUMETSAT's O3M-SAF.

    All products are available at DLR's ATMOS FTP-server.

    Near-real-time products are disseminated via EUMETCast, the Internet and the WMO/ (GTS).

    WMO/GTS bulletin identifier for O3M-SAF Products

    Region  RTH        Country  TTAAii  CCCC  CodeForm

    Off-line and reprocessed products can be order via the EUMETSAT Data Centre and EO-WEB.

    For ordering/registration please contact:

    O3M-SAF Help Desk

For further information please contact:

Diego Loyola, DLR-IMF
Telephone: +49 8153-28-1367
Telefax: +49 8153-28-1446
E-Mail: Diego.Loyola [at]

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